Product and Ordering Information

All of the items I sell are hand made or modified by me

These devices take  time to make. Prices generally reflect the time and materials I need to make a given heater.

Only items that are in stock and available to be shipped will be sold.

I am currently taking sign-ups for my upcoming portable units. I expect to begin shipping both new portable heater designs in December, 2018.


Desktop Heaters


Wall or mains powered induction heaters for Dynavap vaporizers.

Portable Heaters


Portable, battery-powered induction heaters for Dynavap vaporizers

Induction Heater Controllers

PWM Temperature Controllers, intended for use with desktop (mains powered) induction heaters.



I am in the processing of getting a business license, opening a business bank account, and adding payment processing. Those things are taking time, so I've decided to accept PayPal for the time being while I get those other things finalized.

There will be more payment options in the future, but at the moment, the best way to pay me for a heater is with PayPal.