The Mother Fluxer™


A powerful, flexible, portable induction heater engineered for use with Dynavap® vaporizers

Key features of The Mother Fluxer™

  • Can be powered by either 3x 26650 (12VDC @ 5,000+ mAh) OR 3x 18650  (12VDC @ 3,000 mAh) batteries.  18650 battery adapters included!
  • custom designed circuit board!
  • On-demand, intuitive operation: There is a very light effort (200 gf, or 200 grams of force), MEC-brand high-temp tactile switch at base of coil. Insert a DV into the coil until it depresses the switch and activates the heater. Remove your DV when it clicks.
  • Tactile switch signal filter protects all four MOSFETS in the circuit and dramatically reduces the risk of MOSFET failure
  • thermal fuse protection against overheating (90°C thermal fuse automatically resets when temp drops)
  • PTC power fuses protect against shorts and reverse polarity (2x 4.5A PTC fuses automatically reset when fault situation is corrected)
  • IRLR7843 MOSFETs, which are ideally suited for 12V induction heating applications
  • High performance, 25A-capable battery management system with balanced charging
  • Illuminated power and use indicators
  • Genuine Hammond 1590BBS die-cast aluminum enclosure; colored enclosures are powder coated
  • Mains powered LiPo battery charging adapter w/LED charging status indicator included. You will have a choice of either a US or a Euro version. (More info on the Euro version coming soon.)
  • Hand built in the US by me 

After some serious consideration, this one is probably not going to be produced as is too expensive, and also too similar to the Flux Deluxe.

The Mother Fluxer™ runs on either 3x 26650 or 3x 18650

The Mother Fluxer™ runs on either 3x 26650 or 3x 18650

The Mother Fluxer in use (with optional LED lighting)