The Flux Deluxe™, Designed for Dynavap®

The Flux Deluxe™

A small, full-powered portable induction heater engineered for use with Dynavap® vaporizers


Base Price: US$135*; shipping and batteries not included.

Optional features available for additional cost. 

*California residents are subject to sales tax; Fluxer Heaters LLC is a legal entity registered to operate in California. 

Prices are subject to change.

Please contact FLUXERHEATERS@GMAIL.COM to add your name to the waiting list. 

Estimated lead time is currently 6+ months. 

Frequent project updates here:

Thanks for your support, and your patience!

The Flux Deluxe, with included storage bag. Dark Green model shown.
The Flux Deluxe, with included storage bag. Dark Green model shown.

Standard Features

Choose your coil size and heating profile


Choose your coil size to set your Flux Deluxe's heating profile

16mm is the standard and least aggressive  coil size.  It has the slowest heating time. 

15mm is the middle size. As you'd expect, this coil heats more aggressively than the 16mm coil but not as aggressively as the 14mm coil. 

14mm is the hottest coil size. It heats aggressively - torch-like, but evenly. This coil is not for everyone - it heats aggressively and has a small margin for error! 

Change Batteries Easily


The Flux deluxe uses three (3) rechargeable 18650 batteries*, in series. The lid is attached magnetically, and you can quickly remove it to change batteries.

 The 18650 battery is the most commonly used rechargeable battery in the world, and is available from online retailers (Amazon, WallMart,, etc.) and also from your local e-cigarette vape store.

*Use any three identical, flat top, unprotected 18650 batteries. Batteries are NOT included!

With an extra set of batteries and  an external charger (not included), it is possible to always have a set charged and ready to go.

Analog Power Relay for Reliability


New for Summer 2019, the Flux Deluxe now simplifies its power circuitry by using a tiny, sealed, analog, electro-mechanical power relay. 

This analog relay has several advantages over the solid state relay it replaces. If gives the heater a slower ramp time, which improves flavor and extraction. Additionally, the analog part simplifies the circuit and should prove to be more reliable, too.

Finally, the relay also has the effect of improving the heat penetration of each coil size. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of getting a 14mm coil. All-flower users may find the 14mm coil to be too hot on the second (and subsequent) heating cycles of a given load, requiring strategies like pulling before the second click.

Custom Designed Circuit Board with SMD Components


The Flux Deluxe was designed from scratch in October 2018 to heat vapcaps. It made its debut in December 2018 and has been continually refined and improved since then. 

At the heart of the Flux Deluxe is its custom PCB, which I designed. The compact PCB enables the Flux Deluxe to carry out its mission of heating vapcaps to perfection. 

Mains Battery Charger Included


One 12VDC / 1A mains battery charger w/LED charging status indicator is included. 

The battery charger plugs into the Flux Deluxe's DC 

NOTE: You must operate the Flux Deluxe from its batteries. This charger is ONLY for charging.

Choices include US, UK, EU, AUS/NZ, or 12V automotive/cigarette lighter.

Additional chargers available for $10 each

Safety and Circuit Protections


  • PPTC power fuses, shown above,  protect against shorts and reverse polarity. The two 4.5A PPTC fuses provide 9A of protection. If faulted, they are reset automatically by cycling the power circuit.

  • A thermal fuse positioned next to the coil disconnects the battery when it senses temps in excess of 110°C, protecting against overheating. If tripped, the thermal fuse automatically resets when its temp drops below 110°C (typically less than 30 seconds).

  • A tactile switch signal filter protects all four MOSFETS in the circuit from the noise causes by the tactile switch. This reduces the risk of MOSFET failure and extends the life of the heater.


Flux Deluxe Cases Colors

Additional Information

Choose from the case colors shown above. All cases come with a silicone gasket and pre-installed magnets at each corner.

The case colors shown above are representative examples. The actual color of your case may vary slightly from what is shown.

The Dark Green color is similar to Forest Green. It is NOT Olive Drab.

The cases are generally uniform, but may occasionally include slight variations and/or artifacts from the machining process.

Optional Features

External On/Off Switch


A taller switch and well-aligned hole allow even easier access to the on/off switch. 

An on/off/on version of the switch is also available, making this compatible with the optional battery meter.

When purchased with a new heater: $10 

Upgrade to your existing FD heater: $15 + shipping

Top Mount Temperature Control


Put temperature control at your fingertip for easy access and on-the-fly adjustments. 

The temperature control feature offers a narrow but useful range of adjustment.

This feature requires the use of the solid state power relay and associated PCB. The price reflects the extra cost of these additional components and their installation.

When purchased with a new heater: $60

Note: This feature is being phased out. The new electromechanical power relay is more reliable and delivers vapor of a similar, if not better, quality. I am continuing to offer this feature for those that really want it, but if asked I recommend NOT choosing this option.

Cherry Wood Case


Cherry wood case custom made for Fluxer Heaters by Berkshire Box Mods. This case is shown with optional artwork, the standard cherry case is free of artwork. Available in standard unfinished cherry (bare) or with a hand-applied orange oil finish (an additional $5). 

Wooden case prices:

Cherry wood case: $30 bare; $35 rubbed oil finish

Cherry wood case w/Fluxer Logo (much smaller logo version also available): $40 bare; $45 rubbed oil finish

Cherry wood case with custom art: $65+, some intellectual property restrictions apply. Please contact me for more info.

Under Glass LEDs for New Heaters


Surface mounted LEDs under the glass insert light up when you activate the heater. Red is the default color for this optional feature, other colors may be possible for an additional fee.

When purchased with a new heater: $10 

Upgrade to your existing FD heater: Not Available

Side Glass LEDs for Existing Heaters


An LED mounted inside the heater compartment lights up the glass when you activate the heater. Similar to the Under Glass LEDs for new heaters, but a bit less bright due to LED location. 

Red is the default color for this optional feature, but blue, green, yellow, and white are also available by request.

Upgrade to your existing FD heater: $10 + shipping

Built-In Battery Meter for New Heaters


New Flux Deluxe heaters can be ordered with an optional built-in battery meter! 

Additional circuitry and a three position on/off/on switch allow you to display battery status via the stock green/red LED.   

Push the switch towards the battery pack to momentarily activate the meter, release to dismiss. 

Pull the switch toward the front to turn on the heater, as with the standard on/off switch.

If the meter displays:

Green LED only, available power is  > 11.6V

Both LEDs in proportion, power is 11.5V to 10.7V 

Red LED only, available power is < 10.6V (i.e., time to recharge or swap batteries)

When purchased with a new heater: $15*

Upgrade to your existing FD heater: Not Available

Key features of the Flux Deluxe™


Specifications and Features

  • 3x 18650 battery power, running at 12VDC.*  
  • Magnetically attached lid makes battery changes quick and easy.
  • The Flux Deluxe can also be charged without removing the batteries via the DC power port. 
  • Includes a 18650 mains-powered battery charger with LED charge status indicator. US, EU, UK, AUS , and automotive cigarette lighter/12VDC versions available (choose one)
  • Custom designed circuit board
  • High quality SMD and through-hole components used throughout
  • On-demand, intuitive operation: A light effort (200 gf, or 200 grams of force), MEC-brand high-temp tactile switch resides at the base of coil. Insert a vapcap into the coil until it depresses the switch and activates the heater. Remove your vapcap when the vapcap clicks.
  • Tactile switch signal filter protects all four MOSFETS in the circuit from the noise causes by the tactile switch. This reduces the risk of MOSFET failure, extending the life of the heater.  (Optional solid state power relay only).
  • Reliable analog power relay standard; solid state power relay with temperature control potentiometer optional and available for additional cost
  • Thermal fuse protection against overheating (110°C thermal fuse automatically resets when temp drops)
  • PPTC power fuses protect against shorts and reverse polarity (2x 4.5A PPTC fuses automatically reset when fault situation is corrected)
  • LR7843 MOSFETs, which are ideally suited for 12V induction heating applications
  • High performance, 25A-capable battery management system with balanced charging
  • Illuminated power and use indicators
  • Alpinetech CNC aluminum 1590B-style enclosure with magnetically attached lid OR
  • Berkshire Box Mods' cherry wooden enclosure (starting at US$30 additional) - NEW!
  • Mains powered LiPo battery charging adapter included
  • Hand built in the US by me

*Use a trio of identical flat topped, unprotected 18650 batteries. Batteries are not included. Use quality batteries from trusted vendors. I can personally recommend Sony VTC4, VTC5, and VTC6 series batteries, as well as the Samsung 35E batteries. 

FOR SALE NOW! Built to order; 

Current lead time: 4-6 months (estimated)

Base Price**: US$135; CA residents subject to CA sales tax of 9.25%

Optional features available for additional cost. 

Shipping and batteries not included.



Options (some will be at additional cost):  

  • Enclosure (choices of color no additional charge, subject to availability) 
  • Top Mount Temperature Control trim pot and solid state power relay - US$60 additional
  • Under glass LEDs ($10 additional)
  • External switch ($10 additional)
  • Bult-in battery Meter ($15)
  • Wooden enclosures starting at US$30 additional
  • Wooden enclosures with a custom Fluxer logo starting at US$40 additional
  • Wooden enclosures with custom, laster etched artwork supplied by you starting at US$65 additional. Note that you may only use works for which you control the intellectual property rights - no 3rd party logos or characters, etc.

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