Legacy Item

Fluxer Heaters desktop induction heaters are not being produced at this time, so that we can better focus our attention on our portable units. 

Thank you for your interest. These pages will remain available for information purposes.

Fluxer Portable Heaters

Fluxer Desktop Induction Heater with PWM Temp Control


The Fluxer Desktop Induction Heater with PWM Temp Control is a 12VDC induction heater intended to be used near an external power source.

This is a unique device, and because it is new and unproven we consider it experimental in nature. Please use it as intended! 

I have been tested it ad hoc for several months, and it has performed very well for me when used to lower the frequency of operation. That is its intended use. Using it to attempt to increase the frequency of operation may damage your heater. For that reason, we recommend that this device be used solely for low frequency heating of Dynavap vaporizers.

This heater has two user-selectable temperature modes: Full Power, and Custom.

Full Power mode is the typical mode of operation for other Dynavap induction heaters. In this mode the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control panel is bypassed, and the induction heater is allowed to heat as quickly its power source allows.

Custom Power Mode is currently exclusive to Fluxer Heaters. This is an experimental mode that allows the user to reduce the frequency (i.e., how many times per second the heater is pulsed) and duty cycle (i.e., time "on" per pulse sent.)

More time on heat, at a lower temp, means more flavor AND a reduced risk of combustion!


Lead time: typically ~3 days


Base wood:

Choose a Red Oak or Poplar base. 

Switch color:

Choose Blue, Red, Green, or Orange.